I currently reside in the Central Valley region ofCalifornia - nestled from the west by  the San Bruno mountains of San Francisco and the California Coastal Range, and on east by the "1849 Motherlode Goldush" western slopes of the Sierra Nevadas. I spend my time between being (somewhat of) a serial entrepreneur, being an active father, and enjoying all that California has to offer ... from the mountains to the shores, and everything in between. There are times when sitting on a quiet stretch of beach is all I desire, yet at the same time I totally enjoy the sights and sounds of Surf City Santa Cruz, or strolling like a tourist on Pier39 in San Francisco. A day up in the Sierras, exploring stretches where "old timers" made their initial strikes and left ghost towns behind, or digging in a creek all day, slucing and panning, fighting to see the shiny stuff when all is done, are some things that just are very re-energizing to me after a busy week.

I have four children, from teens to adulthood, and enjoy the moments we get to spend time together. Much of my adventurous side the past few years has been in shared memories made with them. My boxer-lab is indeed my great companion and friend, and I consider her my 5th child.

While my intention with this website is to share some knowledge gained over several decades, I also know a connection is better made when the visitor can potentially relate to the mindset and purusit of a few of my life's accomplishments. While I won't recite the full list, I will highlight a few of them so the reader can share in an awareness of the diversity I chose during my professional career.

My college education started at the United States Naval Academy and ended with my graduate work at the University of Maryland. Once out of the US Navy, I spent 5 years as a project manger under contract to the US Environmental Protection Agency, managing contracts involving the  measurement of 129-priority pollutants in our contiguous ambient waterways.

I helped bring the first GIS (geographic information system) to the personal computer, a product that Jeff Carter brought down from mainframes ...  the very same technology he used to help manage his father's Presidential campaigns. Regardless of one views his Presidency, Jimmy Carter is a genuine soul and a great man to have known.That company was venture-capital driven, and so I recieved my indoctrination to the VC world with OJT. Our company was sold to Rand-McNally, but it was my entrance into the software boom of the 80's.

I brought the first financial market technical analysis product - Wall Street Window - to the PC platform. I created the distribution channels that made it go from a niche product to a horizontal market product. That was followed by working with Lotus Development Corportion in developing the first, real-time market data being delivered through the air waves, some 20 years before the reality of wi-fi was even a thought. In this same genre, I developed and marketed a high-end financial product for brokers, which eventually competed in a PC Magazine contest against 48 other financial software packages, for which I won the prestigious PC Magazine Editor's Choice Award.

I managed one of the largest system integration shops in the country before the Internet was a reality, installing networks in small to large businesses and while doing so, was awarded the Compaq Distinguished Dealer Award, acknowleding the Top-2% in sales nationally, and more so, providing premium customer service as voted by our customers. I was VP and GM for a tech company company that had previously not done well, and increased their revenue to record gains, being recognized as an INC500 Fastest Growing Company (back when it was just 500,  not the 5000 it is today).

I dabbled here and there with network marketing, rising to the top in two companies. With FX Trainer, the first Forex-based MLM, I had the #1 team. It's where I started my fascination with currency trading, and then stepping into a mentoring role by coaching traders how to trade in a market that requires an incredible head game. From there, I coached, then worked as Director of Training and Development for another Forex MLM. I finally just traded on my own, and have been helping others learn to trade since 2004. Today, I trade and have a strong conviction to help others learn to trade, so they find their freedom.Over the years while involved in the Foregn Exchange market (The Forex), I have evolved the reality of trading. I discovered and enhanced the only true measure of price movement, Harmonic Wave Convergence, and developed the first multiple timeframe analysis tools to measure trend exhaustion and synchronization, resulting in my tools (studies and indicators) now appearing in three different professional trading plafforms. While my own trading efforts are rewarding, I also work closely with more committed and advanced traders ... but that leaves a void for traders starting out. To that end, I have aligned with iMarketsLive to help traders learn to trade, and also to offer professional trading services for those who want the returns afforded by the Forex market, without actually having to learn to trade.

With all the time invested online, I've become rather versed in the evolving science and skill of online marketing strategies. To that end, I have helped many folks gain entrance into successful online business ventures, bringing expertise from social media marketing to leading-edge lead-generation and management to support those businsess pursuits.

I've been a student of human potential (self development, personal development, self growth) for over two decades. I just am addicted to the material and concepts (and my Audible, Amazon, and Kindle accounts would agree). But it has been a great and exciting journey, part of which has allowed me to succeed in the mental game of trading, and partly responsible for my ability to help others succeed in their trading over the years, as well. Coaching the elimination of EGO,  and mastery of RAS and LOA, are my strengths. I published my first project for goal achievement almost 20 years ago, and have done deep research and study in the subject area since, in addition to my life experiences and those of others which I have tracked. I have evolved a new Universal Law ... "The Law of Spirals", which will be detailed in my forthcoming GAP MAP book/program. I find the subject fascinating, and have life-coached many people to success in their pursuits with this understanding of the Universal Laws during the success jouney.

I've been coaching all my life, from intramural teams while a midshipman at the US Naval Academy, to little league and recreational league teams in football and basketball, to high school varsity basketball teams (both girls and boys). On the professional side, there's nothing like taking a green MBA and mentoring them, and 5 years later seeing them lead a start-up or break into executive management in record time. Coaching has just been in my life, in my blood ... and it's one of my major motivators and places I experience the greatest sense of fulfillment.

And as mentioned earlier, everyone needs balance to some degree, including life pursuits that gets them off their computer screens, tablets, and cell phones. For me, that's typically time at the shore and for sure in the mountains ... hiking or hitting gold-rich areas that have given up the shiny since the original 1849 Gold Rush. To this end, I've ventured with an Aussie friend, and we're working on several gold-related projects, including a venture into television with our "Nugget Quest" project.

Here's wishing you the very best in your chosen endeavors. I hope you would give some serious reflection on joining with me, as your partner, if you find any of my background and experience relative to your dreams, goals, and pursuits. I'm here, ready to talk, answer your questions, and help you manifest your dreams into your life.

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