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If you are truly serious about potentially making greater-than-job-level income from trading*, you may be at the right place. But, you'd also have to have a dream bigger than 99% of everyone else, a passion and priority to achieve it, the drive and persistence to push through the tough times, and among other things ... be coachable. 
If that is the real you, then you are a good candidate for my programs, the programs I have affiliated with, and trading coaching.




Greetings! I've been trading the Forex market since 2004 and mentoring traders since 2006. Yea, I have a little gray hair on the temple. but that is just wisdom through experience showing itself. I was working at some of this before many of you were even a glimmer in your parents' eyes. I brought the first technical analysis software product to the personal computer (Wall Street Window). I developed and marketed a financial market product that competed against 48 others in a shoot-out, and won the PC Magazine Editor's Choice Award. I've done the marketing and trade shows (big and small) that filled the largest of trade show halls in the world, and even had Jimmy Carter (Comdex pic above) taking names and phone numbers at my booth in a few of them. I was in the very first Forex MLM (FX Trainer), and had the #1 team. And for over a decade, through my own training company, PipClub, I have taught mastery to traders in Harmonic Scans, Pitchforks, Fibonaccithe very smartest money management systems ... and coach most traders to a masters degree in psychology along the way (that's a figure of speech, meaning I get them to master the head game). I've discovered the only true science of price movement on the charts - Harmonic Wave Convergence, and built the indicators to measure that science to laser-precision. Those analytics are now available on two premiere charting platforms (IntellCharts and Trading View). I invented the new-paradigm of trading ... the lowest-risk and highest-yield in the market (please read DISCLAIMER, below), and currently teach it to Forex traders across the globe. I don't give up on a trader, unless they give up on themselves. So if you dream of massive Forex trader success, I am here to tell you it is out there and potentially yours to have and hold. The market is NOT random. You are NOT doomed to failure like the other 95% of traders who try to learn to trade in the old paradigm of trading. You just have to follow a plan, be teachable, and have a dream that MUST be achieved. If so, I can usually get you there
(But, I will remind you that risk is present when trading any financial market, so please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page)

I spend most of my chart time with Harmonic Wave Convergence (my TAB29 system)
(the only real science of price movement that can be traded),
Harmonic Scans, Pitchforks, and Advanced Fibonacci Techniques


 And I will just cut-to-the-chase on this one right away... If you're inexperienced enough and follow the wrong crowd, you're going to say, "If you are such a good trader, why do you HAVE to coach and train?"  Well, I don't HAVE to coach. I CHOOSE to coach. I've coached rec league football and basketball, high school varsity basketball (girls and boys), and I've coached MBA's on how to put what they've learned to practice. You see, I simply enjoy coaching. And, from a Forex perspective, if you understand leverage and compounding, you also understand why some of the best traders in the world prefer to leverage all the money they can in their trading account, and live-off other sources of income. Forex coaching and training programs are one way I manage to achieve that objective. I coached based on my Forex trading, a process that has evolved, over a decade, through trial-and-error, research, and volumes of proven trades. I also coach as an educator at iMarketsLive (see below)

I am most proud of PipClub ... a communnity of Forex Traders that I have built over the last decade ...
To see how traders learn to trade, and the Forex then transforming their lives forever, is extremely fulfilling.

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iMarketsLive ...  (see product offering above)

Many years ago, I was in the first Forex MLM. I built the #1 trader team in the company. One reason I was able to do that, was I personally ensured that a trader that signed up to the company through my team, actually learned to trade (if they wanted to). I've been coaching aspiring traders ever since. I enjoy the social aspect of a good Forex MLM, so I have affiliated with iMarketsLive ("IML") to help traders get their start. If you are brand new to the Forex, then I encourage you to let iMarketsLive (IML) and my IML - PipClub trader team help you move forward. Before you dismiss a Forex MLM like IML, you should consider why a long-term, successful trader (me, lol) associated with them!  Contact me, and I will be glad to help you understand the benefits of the services and Forex trading education available at IML.

If you would like to potentially profit from the Forex while you learn to trade, or even in lieu of trading, IML has the many solutions for you there, too. There are a variety services that allow you to potentially grow an account without yet knowing how to trade ... and the documentation of the success of those services are clearly documented for your review. And, if you share IML with two people who become active members, your services are free (excluding nominal charges for any premium services you may opt for). This incredible feature does not require you to participate in the business-builder part of the company. But, if you would like to really create an independent business of helping others, the IML IBO program has the very best of compensations and some of the best tools in the networking comm, nity.

I am also one of the handful of traders that IML has selected to be one of their featured educators. I am part of the IML TV offering, where I focus on advanced trading techniques, including pitchforks, harmonic scans, Fibonacci, and the math in trading (in depth focus on risk:reward, compounding, account management, etc.). IML TV featurers over 60+ hours a week in LIVE training and coaching sessions, including live (not auto-translated) sessions in English, Spanish, German, and Portugeuse. The IML Academy and IML TV are part of the core offering with your IML membership.

If  you are already in IML with another team, and would like to jump levels ahead in your trading ... earning more profit-per-pip, mastering pitchforks, trend-lines, harmonic scans,  and the most successful money mangement, I've got the tools, resources, and skills to help you achieve just that. You should stay with your existing IML team and continue to benefit from IML's training and services, you're just electing to get that Masters Degree in trading by following me at IML TV!

If you are not yet part of iMarketslive go HERE, explore, and then let's talk!

Steve Is @PipsDonLie - THE FX COACH ...

I've been coaching for many years before IML came along, and I will be coaching select traders until my last breath. I enjoy a casual approach to my coaching. I am flexible, but will hold you accountable. I am professional, but you will learn to enjoy my wit and humor. And don't worry, there are classes and programs you can take that are video-based, so no matter your time-zone, there is a way to proceed if the Forex is your selected financial vehicle. 

Now, if you are REALLY serious, you can catch a look at the new paradigm by going to my Harmonic Wave Convergence website. If you are brand new to trading, don't be overwhelmed. If you have been around, even a little bit, you'll see how far I have advanced trading in today's currency market. My main-stay, stand-alone training program has dominated the competition for over 7 years - ShredderFX.

Follow me on social media (see link above on navigation bar) and you may also want to join and participate in my public Facebook Group: iMarketsLive Scans, Forex, & Fibo's  (it's okay if you are not in IML at the time). I routinely post trades, trader motivational material, trader insight, and much more there ... and we can interact in community with other traders, too.

Now, after seeing my deep history, from bringing technical analysis to the computer, to winning a PC Magazine Editor's Choice Award, to creating the biggest (and baddest) MLM team in the first Forex MLM, to creating technologies and innovations advancing the currency market ...  and you still think I am just another fast-talking millennial, there's probably not too much I can do for you. On the other hand, I personally don't know of someone you could better partner with to move you forward on your Forex journey.

Andy Andrews, one of those incredible gems I stumbled onto in my self-development pursuits, sums it up best in his 7 Keys To Success ... specifically, his 4th key ... coaching.

"There are several things we can learn from society's top achievers, but one secret in particular stands out from the rest: Almost all of them invest in some form of personal coaching. They realize that with the right kind of coaching, they can double their production and results across nearly every aspect of their life. But a curious thing happens when you talk to people about the importance of coaching ... Although they are quick to agree that coaches and advisors are critically important to everything from sports teams to businesses, they fail to acknowledge that coaching can be just as valuable for their own lives. While there's not really any such thing as a 'shortcut' to success, there are certainly things that make the process less painful. Coaching is one of them. And if you think you can't afford it, think again."

If you have truly gone through that stargate and concluded that massive success as a Forex trader is your calling, desire, and passion ... then you know what to do.

Regardless of the path you take for the remainder of your Forex journey, I wish you the very best of everything. Naturally, I'd enjoy being your partner on that road, but if not, we're good, and maybe we'll catch each other at some future conference and/or trader expo. Good Luck!


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While I personally believe the Forex is the greatest opportunity* as a financial vehicle for anyone, there is no doubt that crypto currencies will be the wave of the future. If you're like me, the entire concept of digital currencies can seem confusing and overwhelming.  As a currency trader, you can actually track and analyze BitCoin just as you can with any other currency  (Trading pair - BTC/USD).

There's only one way to advance your knowledge on CRYPTO CURRENCY, and that is with actual experienced, professional, experts. I did, and my knowledge on crypto is getting to the place it needs to be ... and you can do the same! contact me if you have interests in crypto currencies!



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